Balkan floods update

Team of Volunteer Ministers in Belgrade, Serbia, delivering assists to people in Red Cross shelter.

Team of Volunteer Ministers in Belgrade, Serbia, delivering assists to people in Red Cross shelter.

The worst flooding seen in the Balkans for 120 years has forced hundreds of thousands of people leave their homes. Meteorologists say the flooding is the worst since records began 120 years ago and is due to a three-month amount of rain that fell on the region in just three days.

In some places, the water had reached the second floor of people’s homes and they had to be rescued by helicopter from their roofs.

In Serbia emergency crews and soldiers were using boats and helicopters to rescue thousands trapped in the town of Obrenovac, near Belgrade.

The waters also flooded minefields, exposing explosives left during the conflict two decades ago. A mine exploded near the village of Cerik in Bosnia, where the water had moved one of more than 9,000 minefields left over from the war. Nobody was hurt by the blast.

In Croatia, members of Alpine Rescue Team work together with Croatian Army in flooded areas. “I’ve been Alpine Rescue Team member for 21 years and I participated in thousands of rescue operations, but I never saw such disaster”, says Vinko Prizmic, team leader.

y361310594380032In some areas 50-70% of all houses will need to be taken down as water caused too much damage. Walls of the houses suffer too much damage if exposed to water for too long time. To save the houses it is necessary to pump the water out as soon as possible and dry out the walls. Crisis Headquarters in Croatia and Bosnia urgently need large amount of high capacity water pumps and wall drying blowers to be able to save houses from decay.

Several Sea Org members and Volunteer Minister are already in training for operating these machinery. Your donations are urgently needed to buy water pumps for Crisis Headquarters in Zupanja (Croatia) and Orasje (Bosnia & Herzegovina). As soon as the needed funds are collected, pumps will be bough and Volunteer Ministers trained for work in flooded areas will depart toward flooded areas of Croatia and Bosnia. 

Any donation you can make for this purpose will be most appreciated. To donate any amount, please click here or call OTL Central Europe on +36 70 210 65 32.  


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