Scientology Volunteer Ministers providing help to families of Bosnian village of Kopanica



Today our VM Disaster Response Team spent a day in village of Kopanica, were we worked with local family on salvaging construction materials from their house which is designated for demolition. Foundation of the  house were moved by strong water wave after river banks broke, and building become unstable and dangerous to live in.

Although some members of the team had no prior experience in this kind of construction/demolition work, we learned fast and provided effective help to our host family. We took down complete roof construction, door frames and copper plumbing  which the family will use in building their new house. We also helped in cleaning and disinfecting some of the saved household appliances.

Family prepared for us a very tasty and nutritious local meal. After lunch, local Catholic priest joined us for a coffee breake and thanked us for our humanitarian work.

One of the family members has hurt his hand while working on the roof,  but his pain was immediately relived by touch assist expertly delivered by VM Team Leader Jura Duna.

In the late afternoon, swarms of mosquitoes started to come out of their nests, and we finished the work for today. Family thanked us for our help and said without us it would take them days to do that work by themselves. We will meet them tomorrow morning and complete the job.

On the way back to our Base in the town of Orasje, we picked up fresh fruits and delivered it to local school serving as a shelter for families with children

All team members agree that this action is a unique experience. After heavy construction/demolition work we were exhausted but felt great about our product and delivered help.

Don’t miss all the fun, click on the “Activation” button above and join us on this wonderful humanitarian project!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

VM Disaster Response Team



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