IAS sponsored action of saving houses in flooded Bosnian village

Leader of VM Disaster Response Team handing over special wall drying machines to President of Municipality of Kopanice

Leader of VM Disaster Response Team handing over special wall drying machines to President of Municipality of Kopanice

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Team started a new phase in their humanitarian work at Kopanice village, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In recent weeks we were helping in removing the flood debris and cleaning houses and farms. After weeks of hard works village is again looking clean and healthy, but situation is not fully solved yet.

Many of the village hoses were under 2-3 meters high flood water for 3 weeks. Hoses are still humid inside which causes mildew growth on the walls which is health hazard for people living inside. It would take up to six months of nice sunny weather to get houses dry naturally, but winter is coming in just a few months. Subzero temperatures could freeze the water trapped in the walls causing crack and irreparable structural damages. 

With the help of International Association of Scientologists, our VM Disaster Response Team decided to tackle this problem and save as many houses as possible. Special wall drying machines called dehumidifiers were located and purchased with the generous funding of IAS. Dehumidifiers can suck out of the walls of the flooded houses up to 45 liters of water per day. The job of drying the houses naturally which would otherwise take yup to six months, dehumidifiers can get done in just a few days or a week. 

VM Disaster Response Team delivered high-capacity dehumidifiers to President of Municipality of Kopanice and they were immediately put to work. Dehumidifiers are going from house to house creating healthy living environment for local residents and saving their houses from destruction.

For the end, here is what local resident Antonija wrote to VM Disaster Response Team members who were working on salvaging her house:

“Our experience with this wonderful people is amazing. When our house was flooded and when our hope went down, these people were with us. Not only did they help us with renovating our home, but they made every day much more beautiful with their smiles and joy. No work is hard for them neither if it’s raining or the sun is burning. Most beautiful of everything is when you find people who are full of understanding and who are ready to give everything for the other people and when they do not want something to give them back except the smile and wish for living. They always offer their hands for work and their warm heart so we can’t say anything else just one big THANK YOU from our hearts.”

If you would like to join VM Disaster Response Team in Bosnia, please click on the “Activation” in the menu above. To make donation to IAS and make it possible for this project to continue, please click here.


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