Posavina TV recording help in Kopanice

Volunteer Ministers together with the Zuparic family

Volunteer Ministers together with the Zuparic family

“Our experience with this wonderful people are amazing. With the moment our house was in the flood and when are hope went down these people was with us. No only they helped us with their work to renovate our home every day made much more beautiful with their smile and joy. No work is hard for them neither when the rain is falling or sun is hot the most beautiful of everything is when you find people who are full of understanding and who are ready to give everything for the other people and when they do not want something to give them back except the smile and wish for living. They share with us their knowledge and skill and teach us some new stuffs how to help other people. Because we are living in a small village there is never enough help people always asking for new help and they never say not to nobody. They always offer their hands for work and their warm heart so we can’t say anything else just one big thank you for the heart…”

Antonija Ž. and parents, 23 july 2014

Zuparic family is one of many whose house was damaged to the degree that it can not be used anymore for the living. Their house was flooded up the the ceilings of the ground floor. Water was in the house nearly 3 weeks and left the house in bad condition. Devastation was too big. Family had to rent a apartment in the nearby town. Now the family is coming every day to the house and working on the renovation of it so that at least part of the house can be used for living before the October of this year when the temperatures will go down again.

Posavina TV interview with volunteer from South Africa

Posavina TV interview with the father of the family who received help

Here is the translation of the interview:

Reporter: So, these volunteers that we have now recorded are in the house of Mr. Vidan Župarić. Vidan, it seems you get support from all over the world.

Vidan: Well yes, as far as the volunteers. And congratulations to them. Without them I could never do all this work. I thank them on humanitarian work, and I hope that there will be some donations so I can make something to live from.

Reporter: As for the help, I can see that you really need it. Because I see you removed the plaster from the house and, actually, you don’t have anything anymore.

Vidan: I had to take it off, because the water was till the ceiling, you could feel such a stench. You could not wash it away with anything and the only solution was to removed the plaster,so the bricks could dry, so I can move in till autumn, if it’s possible. Nothing is excluded.

Reporter: How do you live now. Where you stay, I see you don’t have here any room.

Vidan: I do not have. I live now in Orašje, in a house, I took her for rent and now I’m there until October. I reckon, that, until October, I’m going to make at least this one room. And how will it continue, I do not know.

Reporter: When it comes to assistance in other forms, is there any?

Vidan: You mean in forms of…

Reporter: Materially, in goods, furniture.

Vidan: Currently no, I have none. And if it would be offered, I have nowhere to put it, so I don’t need furniture. And food, there is food in the local community, what gets the local community, I get to.

Reporter: But, to renew the whole house, substantial financial aid is needed. Is there any?

Vidan: No. It’s all out of my opportunities, what I’m doing, I’m doing it from my own resources. And so I will continue to make. I can’t wait for any help and the winter is also coming. I have a wife and two children. My daughter is continuing her studies now in October in Sarajevo and that’s an additional cost now. But we’ll manage somehow.

Reporter: I ask all the locals here, are you afraid of the future?

Vidan: Yes. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of floods again. I’m afraid of everything now. Because, looking at the current situation and this help so far, the water receded long ago and nobody goes around, nobody promises anything so we can, at least, live in hope. There is nothing, everybody keeps quiet, everybody is still standing in the same place. And if there comes something, that is quiet a bit. It is impossible here to do something with five feet of cement, or two cubic meters of sand, gravel. It is impossible to make something here by myself, so help is expected. There should be some help, but later about that.

Reporter: Talking to you and others in this village, we notice or perceive, you have so much love for this village. You decided to go back and live here even though you know it’s still an uncertain future in front of you.

Vidan: Well, listen, this is my father’s patrimony. I was born here, I was brought up here. Where to go now, nowhere is great. However, I feel the best in my own, even in ruins or in a tent. I’m in my own, this is my village, here are my parents, here am I living and my children will live here. So where to go? I’m repairing this so I can live in my village with my people and for my people. As many locals in this village say, these people are good (volunteers) but we need help. Altogether, here is good. As they say „praise the village, escape to the city“ I still like the village. I feel most restful in the village. I have this silence, I have the pleasure, I have everything. I feel home. These are ruins, but it’s still mine.

Reporter: We wish you a lot of luck and through this program, there will be a lot of good people who will want to help Kopanice, and to you, so you can continue to live in your village.

Vidan: I hope so, because there are good people everywhere, and I thank you and the reporters and television that will broadcast this. I would like to thank in advance to those who will help us and this village, so it can see better days. Thank you very much.

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