Assists seminar in Orašje town

DSC_0120-1“Before the seminar I felt stiffen and nervous, but after this Assist I relaxed and felt fresh and happier. Thank you.” 20.08.2014 Nerve Assist – Anđela Ž.


“The nerve Assist helped me. It is a DSC_0591-1treatment with gentle movements. It is something new for me. Currently I feel relieved and without any pain in my back. I am very relaxed. Thank you.” – Manda


“The success at this assists is IMG_2386-1instantaneous. The pain I felt before the massage has, after a complete cycle, disappeared. I feel relaxed after everything. I am glad that I have achieved this effect and by my colleague whom I assisted. Thank you.” – Danica M.


“I enjoyed acquiring new knowledge DSC_0595-1and mastering the beneficial and non-aggressive skills. It’ s a nice feeling to elicit smile on someone’s face, and also on my own.” – Svetlana K.


“The exercises that we spent and DSC_0155-1learned on this seminar are very useful. They are useful for physical and mental relaxation. I carried out this exercise alternately with my colleague. This exercise acted on me very relaxing and I felt much better. When I was conducting the exercise, I tried to make it relaxed and I think I have made that. I will use today’s knowledge to help my family and DSC_0139-1friends.” – Lejla M.


“It was fine, interesting seminar. The massage relaxed me. Thank you.” – Tatjana Ž.


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