Components of Undestanding and How to resolve conflicts seminars

DSC_0658-1“I liked this lecture because it gave us the opportunity to discover some new methods of  resolving conflicts, as well as it has shown us what values we need to appreciate, so we can have good communication with others.” – Anastazija Ž.


DSC_0660-1“This seminar was great and I am sorry that I am not here to continue attending the rest of your seminars.” – Nada O.


“I liked the seminar and I am sorry I couldn’t attend the previous DSC_0664-1seminars.” – Marica


“I wish you could make more good things in Orašje. I would like to be your volunteer. I felt really good.” – Jasminko Š.


DSC_0662-1“I have a daughter who was very communicative and cheerful when she started school. After five years of school attendance, she doesn’t have a lot of friends, although she is joyful to everyone and glad to help. Now I realize who is the person who caused the alienation of other children in DSC_0688-1relation to her, although she is not aware of that. Thank you!” – Danica M.


“We learned three important components to understanding, and they are: affinity, reality and DSC_0672-1communication. For understanding, it is important that all these components are linked and associated. We also learned how to solve conflicts and why they occur. Another useful lecture we will certainly use.” – Lejla M.


DSC_0653-1“I am satisfied with all the lectures and do not want to miss them.” – Manda



“We learned three components: affinity, reality and communication. It is very important because they are associated. We also learned how to solve conflicts and why they occur. Thank you.” – Elvis M.



“Today I realized some new ways of problem solving that will help me further in life and everyday problems.” – Roberto Z.



“The seminar was useful for understanding how to solve problems in communication and understand the causes of the conflict that occurs between two people.” – Sabina K.



“These themes helped me a lot in my professional and family life. They are practical and can be applied in school, in the firm, family or society.” – Slobodanka Ž.

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