Family is thanking for the received help to the Volunteer Ministers

“Just after the withdrawal of water from the flooded village, in help clearing up the houses and other buildings, the volunteers came to us who have come from many different countries to give aid to the residents of our villages, Kopanice and Vidovice. They worked on clearing destroyed furniture and equipment, floors and cleaning the garbage on the yards which was inflicted by the water. They participated in the unloading of humanitarian aid and they organized massages to our locals very often. They also organized many seminars about the prevention of drugs, alcohol and violence, and other themes. In my home, they were throwing out furniture and equipment, and they also helped with demolition of the house destroyed by the water. They helped with cleaning up the yard and with the transportation of construction materials. For all that they have helped us, always cheerful and smiling, my family is very grateful to them.”  – Staško Jović, Kopanice, August 2014

Family Jovic with the Volunteer Ministers who helped them with needed work

Family Jovic with the Volunteer Ministers who helped them with needed work

Family Jovic is one of many who received hard hit by the May 2014 floods. Their house was ruined and they have to build their new living place. They were very much pleased by the help provided by Volunteer Ministers and was very thankful for help given to them.

There are families in Kopanice village who still do not have proper living spaces, still have to cook outside the house and still need a lot of financial support so to make at least basic living spaces for their family members.

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