How to study effectively seminar in Orašje

DSC_0746-1“I like it that we clarified that we should have an idea of ​​what is being read. We need to search the words that are not understood in the dictionary of terms. Thank you.” – Danica M.


DSC_0729-1“I liked this very much for my learning. Because I liked it, I hope we’ll see you next year again. Thank you.” – Denis M.


“I think that this lecture was very good and that more people should DSC_0715-1participate.” – Baja G.


“During the learning, every word needs to be understood.” – Muradif T.


“I think this is very instructive. The DSC_0809-1topic is very interesting. It is very good that this is taking place in our community. Thank you.” – Elvis M.


“It has been clarified that nobody is stupid and that everything can be learned. We should understand the IMG_2523-1words and search for them in the dictionary.” – Ana M.


“I liked this for learning. It will help me for learning in the school.” – Muhibija D.


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