Seminar about Cause of suppression and Marriage in Orašje town

DSC_0341-1“I didn’t come with big expectations, but whatever they were, they are definitely surpassed. I learned a lot through this lecture. I noticed some of my mistakes that I did before, but I didn’t realized it, and I have made them very often. You should not give yourself there where it’s not needed and to whom is not needed and who doesn’t deserve it. If we wanna make some changes, we should start with ourselves, and after that change the environment and the people who make it. Altogether, I thank you for the effort and time that you spent, I am thrilled.” – Rifat J.


DSC_0340-1“Many beautiful themes could have been learned for a short time. To me personally, you are very positive people and I loved absolutely everything. One big „thank you“ to all of you. It is beautiful that you exist.” – Zora L.


DSC_0331-1 DSC_0309-1 DSC_0306-1 DSC_0302-1 DSC_0132-1 DSC_0129-1 DSC_0120-1 DSC_0401-1 DSC_0392-1

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