Commendation giving evening

DSC_0054-1On 28 August 2014 Volunteer Minister gave commendations (thankful letters) to the people who contributed to the movement of helping flood affected people in villages of Kopanice and Vidovice in Bosnia and Herzegovina to get back to normal life.

Commendations were given to people who were helping us in different way with good cooperation, advice, moral support, materials, with their work.







Mayor of Kopanice receiving commendation from Volunteer Ministers







Secretary of the Red Cross receiving commendation for his big support to volunteer ministers from the first day of arrival.







Humanitarian organization Samarita receiving commendation.







Person donating shoes for volunteers receiving commendation.







Local Volunteer who was helping many weeks and working together with the group of international volunteers getting commended for his great work done.







Volunteers from Slovakia are getting commended for their long stay and help in Bosnia and Herzegovina Volunteer Minister disaster relief effort.

DSC_0078-1 DSC_0079-1

Volunteer Minster receiving commendation from the humanitarian organization Samarita together with the T-shirt and cap as a souvenir.









Volunteer Minister receiving commendation from the Orašje town Red Cross.


Volunteer Ministers receiving commendation from the mayor of Kopanice village.

DSC_0080-1 DSC_0059-1 DSC_0053-1 DSC_0052-1 DSC_0047-1 DSC_0044-1 DSC_0041-1 DSC_0030-1 DSC_0023-1 DSC_0020_2-1 DSC_0020-1 DSC_0018-1 DSC_0013-1 DSC_0152-1

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